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Yesterday was so great... It was six months with Fred!!
He picked me up from school and he had his top off of his jeep it was so nice out. We went to the park and walk throught the woods!!! It was so nice. We walked for about an hour. He wouldnt tell me what we were doing all day it was fun. We went to the mall for a little bit then we went the the movies. He didnt tell me what the movie was so i figured it out when it started to play. We saw Sin City. It was actually pretty neat, different that what i normally would see but i liked it all the same. After the movie we talked for a litte while then he brought me to friendlys!! We put the top back on the jeep :( but i helpped so i felt all cool! lol i am so weird. After Friendlys i had to go home :( made me sad it ws such a great day. I love him so much and i know that we are going o last !!
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