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Missing you

Today my mom picked me up from school today she took me out early :) We went driving since my test in next tuesday. Her b/f Joe was teaching me how to Parallel park... I got a lot better than I was but we will see when the day comes... My mom said that i can use her car the week she goes to Vegas if i want... So that'll be cool. Then we went tothe out back I love the out back!! It was fun because i havent seen my mom in a while.

Today also felt really empty. I am so used to seeing Fred like every chance i get but i missed out on a friday and i am so used to seeing him!! I miss him :( it's only been a day but it still really sux, i need to be with his all the time. I am also missing Patti and Geralds birthday day party because my dad is a jerk and wanted me home all weekend or else i could have seen my baby and gone to their party.

Hopefully i will get to see lots of him tomorrow! I love him so much... he means the world to me.

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