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Can i think back that far ?....

Friday-  Lets see on friday Fred picked me up from school so we could chill :). We stopped at subway to eat YUMMY!! wee. THen we went to Six flags to tunrin in our paper work and stuff. Our orentation date is 3-12-05 and it's from 9-5 but i think that includes our trainning. This year i am goin to be working night shift woot! That means that i get an extra $.75 an hour plus my $.10 raise woot! lol. Well yeah any way. After that we went back to his house to chill for a while. We went to a late movie and saw the boogie man and i would like to say i am DONE with scary movies lol. I need a nice friendly one next :)

Sun- Was over Fred's for a superbowl party. It was fun, THe Eagles lost lol. See i really dont care about that i dont really havea  team so yeah... Fred's Friend Kris came over and Gerald and Kyle were there and stuff. It was a Pretty fun time. I didnt get home till like 12 is and i was so tired.

Mon-  Yesterday I went to school boring as usual although I am getting better at badmitten :) he he he. I  came home and arounf 3 sumthin i took a nap cuz i wasnt feeling too hot... I didnt wake up till 7:15 when Fred called my cell phone... I hate sleeping my life aways but i was so tired. Iended up goin back to sleep about 10 and actually sleeping most of the night.

Today- Cathy woke me up about 6:10 and i was still not feeling great she gave me sum night quill and it knocked me right back out. I just woke up like an hour ago. I can barly talk actually i am getting better with that. But iam feeling light headed now. But i am starting to feel better :) Weee well since i have nothng to do maybe iw ill go watch some t.v or get a shower.

I miss My Teddy Bear
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