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Weee.. i woke at 3... i am so hyper!!

So yeah the past couple of days have been fun but i am stuck in the house all weekend :( maybe a quick hello from some ppl would be nice no need to say just drop by and say hi :) lol.
Well i have been hanging out with my Teddy Bear!! ITs so much fun. We went bowling the other day and i would just like to say that i have not always sucked at bowling. We played 3 games... he got like at least 100 each time i think... i broke 59 once got like 28 antoehr time and like 30 sumthin the other one... Yeah i know i am sad.
Then we went to DQ and he was trying to steal my whiped cream and i tryed to stop him he got it all over his shirt... he he he i thought it was great. I couldnt stop laughin i almost died. i mean it wasnt funny... :) I have so much fun with him... LOL ok any way
Last night we saw hide and seek god only knows why I wanted to see it... but i was sucha spaz i am surprised fred had an arm when it was over because i was all sqeezing hte hell out of it... heh eh e

I get to see him againon monday :) wee i am all excited!!!

I love you baby!
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