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It's my birthday...

SO normally when its my birthday i just cant wait! But this year i kept to my self... birthdays aren't that big of a deal i guess they never really have been for me any way. I used to get excited but never really did anything fun for any of them... I miss being a kid and u could wait because u knew the day was all about u and having a great party. But now its not big deal just another year older. I feel like such a kid right now... i am 17 now but i feel no diffrent. I get nothing special with turning another year older. I still have the sam old rules and people always judging me and who i choose to date and love. I think i am old enough to start making some of my own decisions. In a year i will be 18 sure everyone is thinking u jsut turned 17 but it feels like 16 went by so fast and befor i know it i will be 80 and in a nurcing home... i want to live my life without restriction. I know that they are just trying to help but my life is miserable with them trying to keep me from someone who truly makes me the happiest person in the world. Maybe i am being selfish with wanting so much...but how can i not. I think my dad need to lighten up a little i am goin to be considered an adult in a year... or maybe i am just looking to much into this and expecting way too much out of it...

On a lighter note... Chris was like the only one who actually remembered my b-day today but like i said no biggy but i was all surprised he also gave me a gift card to bath and body. I got out of school early when my mom picked me up around 12:45. Then we went to friendly's had ice cream and stuff. I drove there but my mom wouldnt let me drive home... i scared her... its only cuz noone lets me drive EVER!! THen o got home around 2:20 and Fred picked me up and 2:30 He gave me a charm yesterday for my charm bracelet is was a heart with love in the center. Then today he gave me a card from him his mom and his mom's b/f. We went to the mall and chilled for a little while then when out to eat... i am not sure what the place was called but i had sum really good food. He got them to sing for me and i didnt even kno it was coming i told him he was dead lol. It was great ... I LOVE him so MUCH! He is nothing but good to me... he makes me so happy!! 2_morrow I am prolly going with him to a wrestling match...

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