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Just like in the movies

Christmas was so magical! it was so great!! I woke up around 8 is then we opened gifts got some cool stuff. Around 12:30 Fred picke my sister and i up and we all went to my moms for x-mas dinner. We opened gifts she really like the ornaments i got her and hte gift basket from bath and body works Fred gave her. We had dinner then went over my cousints for a little while saw some of my family i havent seen in years :). After that We dropped Amy off at home and stopped and his moms b/f house to say hi and have cake. Then we left so we could have OUR christmas!!! He is so romantic its great... First i opened his moms she got me Roller coaster tycoon 3!!! Then fred opened the gifts i gave him. A CD case that holds a 100, 2cd's, and a hummer :). Then i opened his, He did this so perfect. First i opened tetris for the computer and a purple watch. Then the last one was a braclet box, i opened it and in side was a note that said Katie. I opened the note and read it, it was so sweet!! Tears were rolling down my face. At the end od the letter it told me to close my eyes and give him my hand, so i did. He starts telling me how all he could think about when he woke up was how he got to see me in a few hours... while he was doin that he was putting on a bracelet. He then told me i could open my eyes on my wrist was a charm bracelet with 2 charms on in. One was a teddy bear because i call him my teddy bear and the secone one say I love my Baby! It was so perfect and cute and he know just what to do and say to make the moment perfect. I am so in love with him!!

I wish I could see him more but latly my dad has been a real jerk no letting me out or making me come home early an di dont know why. I am more mature than a lot of people older htan i am. I have never been in any real trouble i havent given him any reason not to trust me. Maybe i will havea talk with him in a few minuets. i dunno i just cant stand being away from him. :(

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