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Im the birdy that will survive!!!

Today was actualy kinda fun in science class we played a game and Kaila and I got to be birds. We had to see who would survive. There was the Fork bird, the forcept bird, the sissors bird, and the close pin bird. WEll we were fighting over the food and stuff and eating and Kaila was dieing cuz i was eating all the good food then the teacher spoiled she said we werent supposeed to go at the same time or else the other one wouldnt survive and i was like thats the point the survival of the fittest. It was just ruined from that point on. Although Kaila and I desided that it was a perfect party game :)!! WEE!! ok any ways that about all the fun stuff in school.

After school we got out early so Fred picked me up at 1 and we went to the mall and i finished all of my shopping except Ryan. I didnt know i had to get him somthing till like 7 thismorning when i found out he got me somthin. I would feel bad if i didnt get him anything. Well then i went over fred's :) we worked on the puzzle!! Gots a lot done i am proud of my self!! :) He and I make a GREAT team!! go us lol I am so weird. I love him lots. I dont get to see him 2-morrow :( I cant wiat till x-mas!!!
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aww! thats sweet! im happy for you.. hey i gots a side question..how do u get a pic in ur LJ? j/c well ttul
its kinda hard... first go to a we site like photobucket.com and put ur pics there then u have to go to enriched format and click the picture thing and put the url... if u have any problems ask :)
kk thanks
Haha. The birdy game is awesome. We should both be able to go at the same time tho...cause then we both wont win. We should write a persuasive letter to her explaining why we should be able to go at the same time. Like how we did for Mr. C. Only this time we will hand it in.