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So Happy

I am so excited for christmas this year! I get to spend the morning with My dad and Everyone I love with then Fred's picking me and my sister up around 12:30 and were goin to my moms for Dinner. I am so happy that he is coming I cant wait! Then after dinner we are bringing my sister home and going to his house. We are going to exchange gifts even though what he got me is going to beat what i got him hands down. He is so excited about what he got me. Then i am spending like my whole break with him i hope any way i just cant get enough he makes me feel so great. No one in the world has ever looked at me like he does his eyes tell me how much he cares about me. I cant stop smiling and laughing when I am with him. He is the only person that can make a tottaly horrible day turn out to be a PERFECT day. i feel so protected with his arms around me. I just left him and i miss him and cant wait to see him again. No other guy has ever been able to do that I guess thats how i know that i am Truly in Love!
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