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You can only make me want you more...

Today was fun Fred picked me up from school when i got out. We went and saw blade trinity it was really good... i havent seen the first 2 but u really dont need to. I went there thinking it was goin to be a really bad movie but it turned being like great. Well after that we went to Kohls got my mom and sum ohter ppl done with shopping this year i am getting little by little and it sux cuz i cant really get any of my friends gift only leanne cuz i knew she was getting me sumthin. In like a week i will have every one done and just have the rest on my $$ for fred :) Then we walked around target and stuff. Then i came home :( i never really did like that part too much. I talked to my dad about the 50's and 60's and how rock effected his life... school stuff... gay.

Sum time next week i think i get my electonic baby for parenting that should be fun :) actually i am kinda excited about it. Weee loli know i am weird. well thats my life! i know its boring yet u read any way much love

I love Fred :)
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